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Hermez Mainnet

Hermez is now live on Ethereum.


  • To interact with the Hermez, you'll need a Metamask wallet.

Contract Addresses

Hermez uses 4 main smart contracts: - HermezAuctionProtocol: 0x15468b45ed46c8383f5c0b1b6cf2ecf403c2aec2 - HermezAddress: 0xa68d85df56e733a06443306a095646317b5fa633 - HermezWithdrawalDelayerAddress: 0x392361427ef5e17b69cfdd1294f31ab555c86124 - HEZTokenAddress: 0xeef9f339514298c6a857efcfc1a762af84438dee

To get the latest smart contracts configuration, you can consult the API