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Hermez testnet is now live on the Ethereum Rinkeby network. Checkout our blogpost announcing the launch of Hermez Testnet for additional information.


  • To interact with the Testnet, you'll need a Metamask wallet and some Rinkeby tokens.
  • Get Rinkeby ETH using this faucet.
  • If you want to swap some of your Rinkeby ETH for Rinkeby HEZ, you can use Rinkeby Uniswap pair.

Contract Addresses

Hermez uses 4 main smart contracts: - HermezAuctionProtocol: 0x0a8a6D65Ad9046c2a57a5Ca8Bab2ae9c3345316d - HermezAddress: 0x679b11E0229959C1D3D27C9d20529E4C5DF7997c - HermezWithdrawalDelayerAddress: 0xeFD96CFBaF1B0Dd24d3882B0D6b8D95F85634724 - HEZTokenAddress: 0x2521Bc90B4f5Fb9a8D61278197e5FF5cDbc4FBF2

To get the latest smart contracts configuration, you can consult the API